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Sep 09 2012

The tiny people!

“Miss Won! Today at recess, I was writing with my pencils (holding two giant Ticonderoga pencils)… so my muscles got strong AND my brain got strong!”

-1st grader in my class, after malleable intelligence lesson

I made the mistake of not keeping a blog during my first year of teaching. Things got rough, busy, etc. but I don’t want to let that become an excuse this year! I really want to record all the little moments that make/have made being a teacher such a wonderful experience. That way, I can look back and remember the parts that make me feel like, “YES! I am actually doing this right!” This job life can get so stressful, but isn’t that the way it always is?

Little MK in my class is adorable. His arm “muscles” ¬†are probably the diameter of a quarter (HE’S SO TINY!), and his big eyes are probably even bigger than his arms are. Yet he comes into the classroom, saying this, as he’s “flexing” his biceps. Sorry, MK, I think you’re gonna have to work a bit on the muscles part and upgrade from pencils to weights, but RIGHT ON about your brain! =) ADORABLE.

As much as teaching first grade terrifies me, it is also possibly the coolest job ever. First/second graders are such LITTLE PEOPLE but they have such big hearts. Coming from a neuroscience background, I always have fun teaching malleable intelligence in the beginning of the year (and throughout), but this year with the combination class is just too cool. I’m trying to teach words like “malleable”, “intelligence”, “brain”, “muscle” to my second graders (which I thought would be a challenge in itself)… but ended up teaching them to the first graders too. Their abilities just amaze me. I never know how far to push or how much to “baby” them… they’re so tiny yet they’re capable of so much.

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