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Sep 09 2012

The tiny people!

“Miss Won! Today at recess, I was writing with my pencils (holding two giant Ticonderoga pencils)… so my muscles got strong AND my brain got strong!”
-1st grader in my class, after malleable intelligence lesson
I made the mistake of not keeping a blog during my first year of teaching. Things got rough, busy, etc. but I don’t want to let that become an excuse this year! I really want to record all the little moments that make/have made being a teacher such a wonderful experience. That way, I can look back and remember the parts that make me feel like, “YES! I am actually doing this right!” This job life can get so stressful, but isn’t that the way it always is?
Little MK in my class is adorable. His arm “muscles” ¬†are probably the diameter of a quarter (HE’S SO TINY!), and his big eyes are probably even bigger than his…

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